This is to help all those people like me that suck at angry birds.
If you have a computer, tablet or mobile phone first you need to download and install the game. Different versions some free and some paid are available. Go with the free version if you like it pay later. Playing angry birds. Kill the pigs to complete the level. The pigs will be blocked by different items,wood bricks etc. Use your birds to break the bricks and squash the pigs.

Its also available on macbook. download the game from google app store.Android users can get the full game for free.

Use you finger to fire the slingshot up or down determines the trajectory and the further back you pull controls your fire distance. Your skill will improve over time.

On a pc you will be using your mouse.

As the bird hit it will damage the blockades and squash the piggies. get to know the different birds different birds create differnt results when tapped. The red bird is the standard bird with no special abilities blue bird becomes 3 small birds if tapped. the yellow bird speeds up when tapped. the black bird explodes if tapped. An explosive egg is dropped by the white angry bird the green bird flys back like a boomerang. the orange bird swells up.

Clear the pigs and move on to the next level. use the correct strategy and you will win. Dont always go for the pigs go for the structures which will get the pigs. all buildings and structures wil collapse if hit correctly. Explosives and bombs are featured on the levels.these are worth targetting and will give you an advantage.

if like me your not so good at angry birds you will take several attemps to clear a level.I love playing this game but am not very good at it but it keeps me coming back for more. Keep trying and learn from your mistakes and you will surely clear the level.


Another game that i suck it is Frogger the video game is a very popular game. Frogger is almost played as much as pacman and ms pacman. In the 80s it was in all the arcades and on home systems as well. Frogger is a classic video game. It was made by a japanese company and licensed by sega during nineteen eighty one. The game is still very popular thirty years on.Today Frogger can be played easily for free. The internet and home private computers and mobile phones make playing this game simple for free online.

the best great thing aboutfrogger is in its simpilistic play. No storyline is available just cross the road and survive. the players role is to move frogger across the busy road without being hit and loosing a life.

The buses and lorries move down the road and you must cross. Move slowly across several lanes to the far side to finish the level lots of levels have logs and crocodiles and water . The object is to cross from bottom to top without dying by being killed or eaten. The gamer moving the frog moves him across the busy road in a set time, you have to move before the clock runs out or you will loose a life and will need to try again. Whilst playing frogger game if you complete a level you can gain free lives. Bonuses are also awarded during the game.

complete the level by getting all your frogs across. once complete you move on to level 2 as you gain levels the difficulty rises and the game becomes much harder. to play frogger online for free go here